Emotional Wellness & Mindfulness

Emotional wellness extends beyond cancer patients. I think it extends beyond anyone who’s ill. A healthy person can’t truly be healthy if they’re not well emotionally. Taking care of yourself includes keeping your emotions in check by acknowledging them and learning from your experiences. Like most things in life, emotional wellness is going to take time to master, but I think even I, the conductor of the Hot Mess Express, can find time to get a handle on my emotions to help me become a healthier person overall.  

Reflection: How did I let my emotions get the best of me today? What can I do in the future to handle the situation better?

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Coping with Curve Balls

There are times in our lives when it feels like we are getting kicked in the stomach.  Times when we are thrown into a new and scary place.  Times when we are doing ok with life and then out of nowhere another curve.  As I am starting to plan a celebration for 5 years cancer free, I read the news that Sara is back in the battle. 

Wow, reality check.Cancer comes to anyone at any time.

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Digging Deeper

God this is tough. I can’t figure out why now.  Maybe I ‘m realizing how serious this really is.  Its not just about joking around. This is serious business. I feel like I have to be “on” for everyone and I just can’t be.  I’m sad.  My life as I knew it is gone. I think I am grieving. And not knowing what is next scares me.  God I really DO NOT want anything else.  I know in my heart that you will take care of me, but I feel overwhelmed.  Help me get through this.  Please give me strength, hold me while I cry. Let the tears flow. Help me to be less crabby to others.

Those words come directly from my journal shortly after my first chemo.  It was the place where I could speak directly to God.  I know He listened.

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Love Your Buns - Loves Wellness

One of the core goals of Love Your Buns is to truly improve the quality of life for colorectal cancer survivors.  In working toward this goal, we may ask ourselves, what does it mean for a survivor’s quality of life to improve?  Among the many very relevant answers to this question, there is a primary theme of survivors achieving wellness

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