The Long Overdue, Big-Bun-Loving-Blog Update

Here we are in late February as we struggle on through one of the worst winters I think any of us can recall in a while.  And as you may have heard, yes, I have just begun 2nd line chemotherapy for metastatic rectal cancer. 

So that’s been happening this week – now to fill in the extensive details from the last 8-9 weeks.  It’s a fairly long read, but hey, a lot has happened!!!

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Sara DCamp Comments
Cancer 3.0

"Bad results"

I actually screamed "no" out loud in my car when I got this text from Sara. When she told me the CT showed a liver spot and a few more in her lungs, my heart shattered. I was completely devastated.

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Natalie Wolff Comments
Incorporation NOW. Forming a solid team of passionate contributors. Build these memories while you can!

Make memories at every opportunity, for memories of time with those we love far outweigh all earthly possessions and shape us all in so many ways. If you get the chance to step out of your everyday routine and embrace what life should be about - seize every opportunity. Do something new. Learn a new skill. Read a book or twenty with your child. Laugh and be silly, sing songs and make art.

Build these memories while you can.

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Sara DCampComment
Surgery Tomorrow

So we're a bit behind on keeping everyone updated.  We will go back and finish previous blog updates as soon as possible as there is still more to the story and how we got here. 

That said, Sara and I are in New York tonight. And she has surgery tomorrow afternoon at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

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Jarod DCamp Comments
We're Open to Traveling!

Last night, Jarod mentioned my diagnosis to his boss, Paul Napoli.  Paul called him right away in the morning to talk about it and was curious if we were treating in Fargo, or if we were considering treatment anywhere else around the country.  Jarod indicated that we were open to going anywhere we needed to in order to get this treated as well as possible.

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Sara DCampComment
Maybe it is just fatty liver?

Today (on 8/15) we received the challenging news that Sara’s cancer – previously seen to be in remission – had apparently spread to her liver.  The words Dr. Panwalker used were... “Well… there is definitely something there…”

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