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Jarod DCamp  Chair of the Board  Love Your Buns

Jarod DCamp
Chair of the Board
Love Your Buns

One of the core goals of Love Your Buns is to truly improve the quality of life for colorectal cancer survivors.  In working toward this goal, we may ask ourselves, what does it mean for a survivor’s quality of life to improve?  Among the many very relevant answers to this question, there is a primary theme of survivors achieving wellness

So what is wellness?  The definition of wellness from Merriam-Webster states that it is:

the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal

There are many ways to support the idea of overall, whole-body and holistic wellness.  The aspects of wellness that are immediately most clear to people, are physical, emotional and mental wellness.  And for good reason, as there are countless studies that show true benefits to overall health and survival, when we pursue and achieve wellness.

By understanding that we can foster improved physical, mental and emotional health through additional means of wellness, we can focus our efforts on more specific, or subsidiary actions.

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For examples, can we achieve wellness through spiritual means?  Do acts of spiritual faith, such as prayer or meditation improve our overall state of health?  Do we achieve improved health by improving our environment and adjusting our surroundings to optimize for our situation?  Does a positive social environment make us feel better, and as a likely result, improve our wellness? 

Over the coming months, Love Your Buns will be exploring the many avenues of wellness.  Today, we kickoff this series by diving into Spiritual Wellness with Yvonne Timian, our Vice Chair of the Board of Directors.  Through 2019, we will also talk about many other wellness themes, including Physical, Emotional, Mental, Environmental, Social, Scientific, Intellectual, Family, and Financial wellness. 

From our own perspectives - How can focusing on wellness in these areas help our overall health?  How can we incorporate these dimensions into daily life?  What has worked?  What hasn't?

Love Your Buns is a non-profit initiative aiming to remove stigma and improve awareness around rectal cancer, its prevalence and its symptoms. A growing epidemic in young adults, rectal cancer is easy to remove if caught early, however due to a variety of reasons, young adults are not likely to seek screening options like colonoscopies. This gap in screening is leading to more advanced disease at diagnosis and more challenging and strenuous treatment. We're working to Educate young adults to increase awareness of the signs and increasing prevalence of Rectal Cancer and to Empower informed decision making and Improve quality of life in Survivorship.
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