Coping with Curve Balls

There are times in our lives when it feels like we are getting kicked in the stomach.  Times when we are thrown into a new and scary place.  Times when we are doing OK with life and then out of nowhere another curve.  As I am starting to plan a celebration for 5 years cancer free, I read the news that Sara is back in the battle. 

Being spiritually healthy does not mean that life is easy.

Wow, reality check.  Cancer comes to anyone at any time.  How can we keep ourselves from loosing hope?  It is when we are in the middle of a crisis that our trust and faith really matter.  Being spiritually healthy does not mean that life is easy.  It does mean that when life gets hard, really hard, we are not alone.

There are stacks of books that tell how we can make it through life.  Just go to a book store and look in the stacks.  There are places on line that will tell exactly how to fix anything.   Some devour everything they can find about their cancer.  How can we sift through it to find what is accurate and helpful?

I was given many books.  I found the best one was a journal.  I frequently wrote in it.  From May 3rd (100 days after surgery):

“It helps me to understand and see what I am going through as a gift and certainly not a time to wallow in self-pity but to rejoice that God is with me even when I cry in pain.”

Music, especially Christian music helped me through tough nights. My prayer group prayed with me. Family and friends were available to listen.   Bible study kept me studying scripture.  I reached out to others because I had little strength on my own.


Does prayer work? Does it make a difference? My friend Lou Krohn did a master’s thesis on prayer in the medical field.  Her research showed how frequently medical staff and patients prayed before surgery and believed it made a difference.  I have read articles that dispute the value of prayer and others that declare its benefits. 

Sara knows and understands how important God is in her life.  Recently we talked about how hard it can be when we have our Lord with us.  How hard it must be without Him. 

A few books that may be helpful:

  • You Are Stronger Than You Know … Words of Hope and Encouragement for Someone Living With Chronic Illness  A Blue Mountain Arts Collection ISBN 978-1-59842

  • When God & Cancer Meet True Stories of Hope and Healing  by Lynn Eib ISBN 978-0-8423-7015=8

  • The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers Spiritual Insights From the World’s Most Beloved Neighbor by Amy Hollingsworth ISBN 978=0-8499-1894-0

Question to Ponder What resources have been helpful as you move through life?