How Can We Best Support Each Other?


Cancer is a very consuming, relentless disease.  While it does its best at trying to take over your body, it also has a strong grip on your mental health. Treatments, surgeries, doctor visits, scans, insurance battles, reduced cognitive effectiveness, challenges in raising children, and lack of spousal “…interaction” all cause a great amount of distress and wear on your mental state.  Imagine trying to juggle all of these pieces at a young age when you’re expected to be a contributing member of society, work for a living, raise three young children, and continue to put on a brave face for all those around you.

IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to not break down at every interjection of pain, anxiety, mood swing, feelings of despair; that is unless you have the ability to rely on support from family, friends, coworkers, and even strangers.  I don’t know if I was given the super power, CALM and COLLECTED, that gives me the ability to get through the treacherous pits of this disease, or, if unconditional peace was sent down from heaven.  But I do know that the continuous support of those in my life has helped me in ways I only hope I can do for others in times of need.

During these last three months of time off of work, I have had the luxury of getting to lean on those during my difficult days.  A few close friends decided to invite me to walk and talk whenever I chose as an escape from my reality and offered their time to talk through whatever was weighing me down at that moment.

In the month of December, Jarod and I would like to offer a space for support and fitness to work in tandem.  We will have an open wellness “walk & talk” support group to current patients, survivors, caregivers and families once a week in hopes of offering whatever we can in the way of “in my experience advice” and a place to vent and cheer you on.  We have chosen to make this a walking support group as opposed to the traditional setting, to encourage improving one’s physical wellness, survival, and to capitalize on the benefits of increased mental health and the general wellness that walking provides. We hope to continue this program in 2019!



Please consider joining us in December.  Rustad is free and open to the public. Don’t forget to wear your Love Your Buns gear! 

Rustad Recreational Center
601 26th Ave E, West Fargo, ND 58078
Meet in First Floor Commons Area

Friday, December 7

Tuesday, December 11

Monday, December 17

Friday, December 28